Our Mission

Build a community of civically engaged citizens represented by leaders who share their character, conservative values, and commitment to a prosperous Oconomowoc.


Improve community knowledge and awareness regarding the policies, structure, and composition of our local government.

Identify, develop, and support the future leaders of our community.

Facilitate open communication regarding current issues, opportunities, and solutions.

Develop a lasting relationship with our community earned by delivering results and always acting with integrity and respect for all.

One of our members, Greggry DeMark, wrote a letter to Mark Belling in an effort to spread the word about our mission (which you can read below). Please read his letter and listen to Mark Belling's response.

Also, please be sure to Vote on April 6th!

Dear Mr. Mark Belling,

I have been a devoted listener of your show from the time I was 14 years old, that was back in the early 90's. Over the years I have always enjoyed and appreciated your show as it has helped to guide and challenge the formation of my political thinking. Today, I am writing to you because I need your help, in fact, our community needs your help.

Oconomowoc Citizens Represented (OCR) is a diverse group of parents, students, and concerned citizens. Our mission is to build a community of civically engaged citizens represented by leaders that share their character, conservative values, and commitment to a prosperous Oconomowoc. OCR was founded last summer in response to a rogue liberal school board that was failing to represent our community. The flashpoint arrived in the form of a survey conducted on behalf of the school board. The survey surprised the school board yielding overwhelming support (85%) for keeping schools open that fall. Despite this data, the school board promptly disregarded the survey results and imposed their own contrary agenda, which sought to separate children from the education they deserved. At that moment, the families of Oconomowoc would begin to rise and meet the challenge of re-claiming their community, starting with their schools.

On April 6th, 2021 there will be a school board election in Oconomowoc. Voters will be able to choose 3 board members from a slate of 5 choices. The candidates include 4 conservative choices and 1 incumbent liberal candidate, Juliet Steitzer, that has earned the ire of the community. We are working in earnest as a grassroots movement to promote our conservative candidates and drive a high voter turnout. Our strategy is to engage our neighbors one door at a time and build the case for a representative school board.


Unfortunately, radical liberals like Juliet Steitzer thrive in the dark void created by apathetic, naïve, or simply unaware citizens. The time is now to shine a light in this void and return our school system to the families of Oconomowoc. Who better to help us shine this light than Milwaukee’s #1 talk radio host?

When I was a college student at UWM, I openly carried a pencil case around campus that was adorned with a fantastic bumper sticker. The bumper sticker stated, “Mark Belling Standing Up for Milwaukee.” Now, over 20 years later, I am asking Mark Belling to stand up for Oconomowoc and help us take back our schools this April. Please consider dedicating a few minutes of your show to promote the April 6th Oconomowoc school board elections. I am happy to provide any additional supporting information that you may require.


Greggry DeMark

Listen to Mark Belling's response to Greg's letter around 1:58!