Matt Rosek

Incumbent - 3rd District Alderman

(262) 370-0773

What position are you running for?

Alderman District 3

Tell us about yourself.

Husband to Melissa and father of four children: Cassandra, Amanda, Emily and Alexander. In my full time job I have a national litigation practiced focused on catastrophic fire and explosion cases. In our spare time, we like to travel, cross-country ski, bike and spend time up north!

Why are you running for office?

Our City needs strong, competent leadership. Our City needs Aldermen, like me, who are not afraid to make our voices heard and ask the tough questions. In the nearly eight years I have been on Council, I have voted consistently to keep our budgets in check and force the government structure to be responsive to its citizens.

Provide some details on your community involvement over the past 2 years.

I am the current District 3 Alderman.

What makes the City of Oconomowoc a great place to live?

Its people and community. We also have a great downtown and lakes that can be enjoyed by all.

What are the biggest issues facing the City of Oconomowoc and how do you plan on addressing them if elected?

A return to the local political establishment. The Council threw off many of its longtime Aldermen when I was first elected. Since then we have largely a new batch of elected officials that are truly responsive to the needs of the people. We cannot let ourselves go backward.

Our values are centered around limited government control, fiscal responsibility, support for law enforcement, strong families, personal accountability, and community pride. How would you help support these values as an elected official in the City of Oconomowoc?

I have been one of the few council member to have the guts to vote “no” on budgets when we have increased taxes. Out of the eight budgets, I have been around for, I have voted “yes” to only three. Two we added police officers and one we kept taxes flat. I have consistently voted and support our law enforcement officers as well as support the addition of full time firefighters to our fire department.

Why should I vote for you?

I am a conservative voice of the citizens on the Council and pledge to remain that way. I will always ask the tough question and engage on tough issues, even if it means I am attacked.