Kevin Ellis CPT

Fourth District Alderman

(973) 934-7558

Tell us about yourself!

Married 28 years, 3 children Corbin 25, Parker 22, Sydney 20. Own Parker's Place Total Fitness LLC.

Why are you running for re-election to the Common Council?

I love this community. This community has given me so much, the least I can do is give back and give of my talents and time. I am proud to serve this community and looking forward to helping many more. Oconomowoc is a beautiful place to live.

What issues do you believe our city needs to address? What are your recommendations?

Downtown parking. I still don't believe that redoing the colons street parking lot will solve the problem of our parking. I believe that a two story structure built properly will resolve years of problems.
We need some things for our youth to do and the skate board park is just the start. I would like to see Oconomowoc as a destination for our youth.
Development of the olympia area. This needs to be done and is time sensitive. We must remember papse farms and all the mistakes and successes and make this project one that can make Oconomowoc proud. We only have one shot at this.

If you received a $1 million grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why?

Well in this day and age 1 million dollars is not a lot of money but I would first like at how we could better improve the ability for our small businesses to thrive. I would help DOMA and any other organization that has our businesses as their focal point and make sure that we give them only reason to succeed and not fail.
I would give no interest loans to our businesses and help them with as much marketing as possible.

What neighborhood do you live in? Why? Where are your favorite places to spend time in our town?

I live on Hickory Creek community. I patronize all of the eateries in the city and I love running around and spending time at the lakes.

What’s more important for our city right now: building new homes and commercial space or rehabbing/expanding/better utilizing our existing homes and storefronts?

It is definitely the latter. Rehabbing and expanding our existing homes and storefronts keeps the personality of the community and it's tight family feeling.

What do you believe are the three (3) greatest strengths of the City of Oconomowoc?

Family community
Our Lakes
Our education system

Please list below three (3) words you believe other members would use to describe you, your participation, or your leadership style.

I don't like talking about myself because my love language is serving others. But if I were to use three words it could be HE SEEVED OTHERS.

What is the best way to address differences of opinion among the council members?

Remember that everyone's opinion is important and that you cannot know everything and as a team we can concur any issue out there. Take nothing personal.

How will you communicate with and be accessible to the community you represent?

By cell phone is the best way.

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