Paula Schmitz

Paula Schmitz

School Board Candidate


Tell us about yourself!

I have been an educator for most of my life. As a Teacher of English as a Second Language and Spanish, with two master’s degrees in Human Resource Education and Instructional Technologies, and a passion for education, I have taught both at public and private schools. On the side, my husband and I founded an online business to help authors and entrepreneurs create and sell their first courses online. Our company is called E-Learning for Life.

Why are you running for School Board?

I want to fill a void that I see in the current board and its priorities. I believe the post-pandemic times require a much bigger effort to support students’ mental and emotional health so they can learn, grow and lead, which is the school district’s mission. I want to help with that effort.

Provide some details on your involvement in the Oconomowoc Area School District (OASD) over the past 2 years.

I have been a parent in the district with two daughters at the Oconomowoc High School. I have been involved in their activities and given feedback and appreciation to teachers and administrators. I am extremely thankful for what the school district has done for my daughters.

What is the OASD doing well?

I believe the school district is excelling in academics, facilities, and resources for teaching and learning.

What are the biggest issues facing the OASD and how do you plan on addressing them if elected?

In my view, the biggest issues are the challenges students are experiencing because of the pandemic. The impact that it has left in them is huge and we need to support our students. If I am elected, I would love to work close to the Director of Special Education and Curriculum and Instruction to implement programs that empower students and help them thrive.

Our values are centered around fiscal responsibility, academic achievement, equality of opportunity – not necessarily outcome, teaching how to think – not what to think, strong community engagement, personal accountability, and school pride. How would you help support these values as an elected member of the OASD?

Many of these values need to be supported by the curriculum, the extracurricular activities, and by promoting family participation and organizing PD days for students. I have designed a plan for this and would love to present it to the School Board whether I am elected or not.

Why should I vote for you?

I have the personal convictions and the drive to lead in times that require ACTION and not words. We cannot be late in addressing student mental fitness and personal development. When these aspects are being ignored, we see the negative results in the news every day. We can do this. We owe it to our children; they are the future of our nation.