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Oconomowoc Citizens Represented is a diverse group of parents, students, and concerned citizens. We are your friends, neighbors, and co-workers united by our common desire for a strong and prosperous Oconomowoc. Our mission has always been to improve citizen engagement in local governance to ensure the long-term success of Oconomowoc.

Vote in the Spring Election!

Vote in person on April 6th or plan ahead with In-person absentee voting beginning March 23rd through April 2nd! 

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“I hear from many residents that the school board is not high on their priority list because their kid goes to private school, is homeschooled, or out of school.

Please look at the way every dollar is split up that the City of Oconomowoc collects on behalf of the taxing entities that impact your life. The largest collection is for OASD and WCTC @ 56.3% of that dollar. Most of that is OASD.

If you don't think the district impacts your ability to own and maintain a home, the value of that home, and the quality of life within our community, you are missing it. Stay engaged and stay motivated to impact this spring election.”

- Lou Kowieski, Second District Alderman


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